Thursday, September 18, 2008

Anholt seal monitoring expedition

It is too late in the seaon for a trip to Greenland but the scientist Jonas Teilmann still needed to make some repairs and adjustments to the seal monitoring equipment in the remote Danish island called 'Anholt'. We took a small plane and then a tractor along the beach to a seal colony of around 150 seals (but sometimes up to 1000) at the far end of the island. A webcam and radio instruments are set up in the lighthouse there to monitor the seals, then the signalled is transmitted to the internet via the military base there.

The seals are best viewed from the monitoring hut with a 60 x zoom telescope. After 1000s of years of hunting the seals are very firghtened and will flee to the water if you approach too close... as happened to us. The animals outwitted their human documenters ...

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