Sunday, September 7, 2008

lunch time bird people

On a lunch time walk some of the scientists who are interested in bird life leave their desks (where they are generally working on articles and write ups/statistics of their field work in Greenland) and walk around to Roskilde fjord where a variety of local birds - including the indigenous white swan are congregating. The other scientists call them the bird people. The Risø complex where NERI is based also houses other Danish scientific research areas. I was struck by the 2 decommissioned nuclear power plants, left over from 1950s tests at the area. Now the Danes are much more interested in wind power and there are also banks of solar panels around here. I have a security card and complex insurance policy to be on site so I am guessing that there is still some potentially sensitive activity. There are a few closed boxes like this where I wonder what happens inside...

farming the wind

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