Tuesday, September 9, 2008

negative land (from A to B)

I am interested that in most of the maps of the harbour animals show the land as a black negative space on the map or a colourless space. The attention for NERI mapwork is on the sea. These maps show points where GIS uploads have been made to the internet. Susi explained that these maps were not the most useful for the scientists although they are useful for the public for explaining the Narwhal movements they do not show what the animals do in-between the dots. The 'straight-line' visualisations would be even more organic if they could include the dives, the trips to sure and the round about way the animals really move from place to place.

I learned from Peter how to upload GIS data which has been converted by a programme called ArcVector from Vectotronics to importable files for google earth and to make animations of the movements of the tracks in a much faster way than using ArcGIS. The Neri scientists will map snow and ice movements and weather onto the animal movements to show the correlation. Below is fresh data from Reindeer in Western Greenland which can be animated live in Google Earth.

I also spoke to Doris today who went on a mission to Greenland to find out about the less high profile creatures and plants and shellfish that live at the bottom of the sea. These also need to be considered in environmental assessments for energy companies.

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