Monday, September 15, 2008


I gave a talk today at NERI for a group of around 15 scientists about my work and my as-yet unrealised project for IMPACT 09. I showed them a very primitive animation that I made with ArcGIS and the harbour porpoise kernal home-range areas which I was trying to make a little more washed out and watery than the sharp-edged maps favoured here. I also showed them images of my previous work.

I offered to take questions at the end - but the scientists responded more enthusiastically to my request for 'suggestions' as to directions I could take the artwork. Rune was keen that I look at the sound track of the bio-sonar clicks which porpoise use for orientation. Susi suggested that I think about projecting on water which is the natural habitat of the harbour porpoise - while Christian suggested using ice as a sculptural material. He also warned that you need to be careful not to let the technology outweigh the imagination or the art of the piece. I guess it was important for me to learn how they do things on this residency and now I can go away and think about how I will process all this information I have gathered.

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